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  • Is it possible to change my profile name? Not a big deal, just curious.
    Hello Kevin... this email is almost 4 years late - but yes we can change the screen name for your account... what would you like it to be?
    Hey I think I might win most continuous Broll party attendee this year (well cept' for you). Willinger and Nino aren't going to make it.

    You may want to check the prices on the store web page for the 2 items below...those are special prices :)

    Porta Brace SK-3 Empty Belt Pouch for Tools for Videographers.

    Porta Brace Polar Heat Pack, Disposable Chemical Hand & Equipment Warmer, two pack $389.99
    Hi Kevin. Just read the warning by chicago dog about the chicago b-roll get together.who is this mysterious rogue poster?I know three of the guys who posted and they are legit,and I just looked in the mirror and I think I'm me.I've forgotten who started the thread,but I was rather looking forward to this thing.I'd gladly re-start a thread on a get together,but I have no idea who the bad guy is.pm'd cdog and,of course,got no response.
    Beerless in Seattle (er,Chicago)
    Hey Kev-how do you embed or whatever, a picture in a post? Sorry I'm a techno idiot....but if I want to have a picture show up in a post, not a link but the actual picture-how do I do that?
    Hey Kev I think this boob may trully happen. I just need your help setting up the wiki or google wave is the best way to protect our content.

    If you want to call me 561-779-7771 and lets chat sbout how we can do this.
    I have no great revelation of things to put in your run bag.But I do have a story of something that was in my bag that I was unaware of.
    The morning of a shoot,my client calls and says he wants to net the lens.I'm in the car on the way to pick up Bob, my soundie.Not wanting to stop, I call Bob and ask him to grab one of his wife's nylons. No problem.I pick him up and he jams something in the run bag.We get to shoot,start to set up.Bob is out of the room. I reach into the bag to get netting and come out with tiny little girl's pantyhose. ALL conversation in the room STOPS.
    Bob had a six-year-old daughter,and that's all he could find.
    Kevin, can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I don't know how to join the Pro Users group. I have to tell you, it looks pretty complicated for an idiot like me.
    Hey Kevin,

    How do I embed video from another site onto the critique area? I've embedded lots of video into my site with quicktime and Blip.tv, but I can't figure out how to post something here. HEEEEEElp! By the way, you da man
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